A View From Above

Low-Level Aerial Photography and Video


About Us


A View From Above is a new company in the Pee Dee area that specializes in low altitude aerial photography with remote control helicopters . Our helicopter allows us to offer affordable aerial photography that is not possible with conventional aircraft.

With our helicopter and camera equipment, photos can be taken from ground level up to 400 feet. This allows photos to be taken from virtually any angle you can imagine. With the use of our unmanned vehicle, we can get footage or pictures of just about anywhere.

The applications for aerial photography are limited only by your imagination. In many instances, pictures taken from the ground simply are not comparable to what is possible from an aerial perspective.


Applications of Aerial Photography

Increase Sales with aerial photos of homes and lots to give your clients a unique perspective.

There is no better way to get a complete view of your home and surrounding property.

Aerial photos of property and buildings help make the difference in the event of a disaster.

Aerial photos of charity walks and sporting events are a great way to show off your special events.

Aerial photos clearly display property lines and assist in documenting the appraisal process.

This is a great way to show off your course

Aerial photos, before and after, added to your portfolio are a great sales tool.

Aerial photos are great for zoning, planning, parks and recreation, and traffic issues.

From start to finish, aerial photos are a great way to document the progress of construction projects.

Restaurants, auto dealers, boat dealers, and other types of businesses benefit from aerial photography.